Combo Deluxe Group Tour

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Combo Deluxe Group Tour

Passengers: 20 Passengers
Tour Duration: 8 hours
Now Discounted: $135 a person for adult
Now Discounted: $99 a person for kids below 10 years old
Free of charge: for kids below 2 years of age

Explore Oahu’s world-famous tourist destinations with the island’s trusted provider of Group Tour services, Royal Hawaiian Tour.

With an impressive collection of tour packages including Oahu circle island tours, Pearl Harbor tours, and Honolulu City tours, you are sure to find something that fits your ideal Hawaiian experience.

One of our absolute client favorite is the VIP Combo Deluxe Group tour package. This one-of-a-kind tour deal combines the USS Arizona Memorial tour and the VIP Oahu Island tour, presenting our valued clients with the opportunity to explore the best island attractions in one tour.

Come and visit the USS Arizona Memorial, the most famous site in Pearl Harbor. The memorial is built on top of the sunken hull of USS Arizona. It also stands in lasting tribute to the sailors and marines who died during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (December 7, 1941). After Pearl Harbor, we will go to downtown Honolulu to see the city’s most important historical landmarks including the statue of King Kamehameha, Iolani Palace, Washington Place, and State Capitol Building.

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We’ll also drive you through the heart of the island – Waikiki. The world-renowned beachfront neighborhood is home to Oahu’s luxury hotels, international marketplaces, fine-dining restaurants and more!

Finally, this VIP group tour will take you the popular natural landmarks of Hawaii. Get ready for some serious stunning views as we take our tour to Pali Lookout, Chinaman’s Hat, Laie Hawaii Temple (Mormon Temple), Waimea Bay, Haleiwa City, and Dole Plantation.

Enjoy chauffeured transfers, free meals, and VIP treatment all the way when you avail of this amazing discounted tour deal. Experience the comforts of not having to worry about your tour needs because RHT will be taking care of them for you.

Not only that, with Royal Hawaiian Tour, you won’t have to spend your tour day in a crowded bus with so many people, you can’t even enjoy the view anymore. With RHT, you will go on a chauffeured group tour with no more than 14 other tourists in a clean, comfortable, and fully-insured vehicle.

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All of our tours start from Waikiki. For any hotel or location outside Waikiki such as Kahala Hotel,
Aulani Hotel, Ko Olina Hotel, Turtle Bay Resort, cruise ports and Honolulu airport, the prices are different.

Kindly contact us for a quote.VIP Deluxe Combo Tour PRICE
Note: Children below 2 years of age are free for the Arizona Memorial part of this tour.
For the island tour portion, they will be discounted to $59 each as they will be needing a seat.


On the steep Nu’uanu Pali cliffs, hundreds of Oahu’s warriors were thrown to their deaths as they made their last stand from King Kamehameha’s island conquering troops. Today the Nu’uanu Pali, or “cool heights,” provide visitors a stunning view of the windward side of Oahu. Every day, more than 6.000 tourists visit this location for sightseeing and enjoy this unique view.


The picturesque island off shore of Kualoa is known as Mokoli’i. According to the legend, Mokoli’i was a huge mo’o or lizard that attacked travelers passing through the area. One day Mokoli’i challenged Hi’iaka, the sister of the volcano goddess Pele, as she traveled up the windward coast. After battling and defeating Mokoli’i, Hi’iaka threw him into the ocean, leaving the tail as the only visible remains of the slain giant. The island has since become known as Chinaman’s Hat for its resemblance to the Chinese coolie hat.


Built in the early 1900′s, the Mormon Temple, with its dramatic reflecting pool and beautiful white architecture set against the Ko’olau Mountains, continues to draw tourists by the thousands. Mormons came to Hawaii over 100 years ago and created something that no one else has ever done. When it comes to the history of Hawaii and people who were living here. Especially pertaining to the Polynesians, there is no place on earth where you can learn and better understand the Hawaiian culture and history than at the Polynesian Cultural Center.


The world famous Sunset Beach is often featured in the movies or the news. It is also one of the highlights of our Oahu Island Tour. In the winter months, the incredible waves and challenging breaks make Sunset Beach one of the world’s classic surfing locations. Its beautiful white sand beach stretches over two miles, making it one of the longest on Oahu. Every day, more than 10.000 visitors stop by this famous beach to enjoy the music of the ocean and to watch the amazing waves.


Waimea Bay’s mood varies drastically from season to season. In the summertime, it tends to be calm, tranquil and inviting. However, in the winter, the bay is lined with spectators watching in awe as surfers challenge some of the largest and most dangerous waves in the world. This is surfer’s paradise, and is one of the favorite tours taken up by them.


You would love to snap a shot of the real big “Honu” or Hawaiian sea turtles, some over 100 pounds, and watch them closely. Turtle Bay has hundreds of Turtles that come to rest on the beach without any fear of humans. We included this place to our Oahu circle island tour because we believe you will enjoy seeing this part of Hawaiian nature.


This is the place where thousands of visitors pass or stop by for food or shopping, every day. Haleiwa City was the first town built on Oahu during the last century. The buildings are the original ones which were built decades ago and were painted over and over again. Hale’iwa’s shave ice is very famous and every day, thousands of tourists stand in lines to enjoy the shave ice.

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Everyone loves pineapples but only a few people in the world know about Dole and its founder James Dole and his success. You will visit the headquarters of the pineapple kingdom of the world where 107 years ago, a man by the name of James Dole started this business with $1,550. Now, its worth may have already reach around $10 billion. We are one of the few tours that give you time to explore the plantation (sample plantation garden). You can purchase not only pineapples and pineapple juice, Dole now offers their visitors everything made from pineapples including the most famous “pineapple ice cream.”


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